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Tan: Plant more trees to improve quality of life


SEPANG: The date was auspicious. 11.11.18. So, 2,000 people got together yesterday to do something for Mother Earth.

They planted about 1,100 trees within the campus of Xiamen University Malaysia during an Eco-Green awareness campaign here.

Among the trees planted were the much loved tecoma, fondly known as Malaysian sakura, raintree and the albizia.

“To be exact, there were 1,176 trees and 3,080 shrubs planted today (yesterday).

“We are really excited as we managed to surpass our target to plant 1,000 trees in 15 minutes,” said Jasmine Lee, founder of social welfare platform CSR Brand Angel.

“Coincidently, the event falls on Nov 11, which is also known as Singles’ Day (in China).

“Hopefully our participants who are single can meet someone when they plant the trees,” she quipped.

Tan Kok Wai, Malaysia’s Special Envoy to China, said the campaign was a reminder about the importance of maintaining greenery.

“Tree planting helps to restore greenery and beautify homes.

“Reforestation also helps to expand forest resources, preventing soil erosion, among others,” said Tan, who launched the campaign.

“It is also important as an effort to battle climate change.

“Trees have significant influence on air quality and the landscape’s visual appeal, which can affect our health,” he said.

Source: The Star, 12 Nov 2018

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