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Day: 5月 4, 2012

马中商务理事会 召开第一次董事局会议

董事局主席丹斯里黄家定在致词时提到, 董事局第一次会议的召开, 是马中商务理事会历史性的一刻, 理事会将在往后的日子, 继续秉承创会的宗旨和精神, 协助加强及深化马中两国的双边关系, 尤其注重商贸和经济领域的交流与合作 。Speaking to the board as the new Chairman, Tan Sri Ong said the meeting was historical for the Council which would continue to help strengthen and deepen Malaysia-China bilateral relationship, especially economic and trade cooperation and exchanges in line with the vision and objectives of the council.