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Day: 3月 27, 2013

马8燕窝组织首度齐聚 黄家定汇报北京会商进展

Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting met representatives of eight major bird’s nest-related organizations today and briefed them on the progress of his negotiations in China on the bird’s nest issue. The breakthroughs achieved by the mission in Beijing in resolving the issue of bird's nest export to China have been very much appreciated by bird's nest operators本次访华成功为马来西亚的“毛燕”与“净燕”出口至中国取得突破,不但就“毛燕”出口展开初步的程序议定,也加速推动“净燕”加工的实地考察,受到国内燕窝业者的高度重视 。