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Liu Shusen is optimistic about Kuatan Industrial Park












文章转引自:马来西亚《星洲日报》,2012年6月18日。Kuala Lumpur, April 17: The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Director-General of Commerce Mr Liu Shusen has pledged that the Guangxi government would try its utmost to woo not only large Chinese state-owned and private enterprises but also global enterprises to invest in Kuantan Industrial Park. He was optimistic that the Malaysia-China joint-venture project could be implemented rapidly at the now famous “Qinzhou speed”.

He said the Guangxi government would go all out to get enterprises in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and in other parts of China to participate in the infrastructure development of the Kuantan project as soon as possible.

He added that after the study tour of Kuantan by the Guangxi delegation, the officials would make in-depth study to work out a model on the operation and management of the park as well as the types of investment and industry suitable for the park. “We will also work out the best formula of co-operation to put on the table for discussions with the Malaysian side,” he said.

Speaking at the investment forum of the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park and the soft launch of the forthcoming 9th China-Asean Expo here, he stressed on the urgency to work out an agreement for the rapid development of the Kuantan project.

He was optimistic that the Kuantan project could be implemented with the “Qinzhou speed” firstly because the project was an expressed desire by the highest government leaders of the two countries and it enjoyed government support.

Secondly, he added, the environment in Kuantan and Malaysia as a whole was very attractive to Chinese investors because of several extremely conducive factors.

He pointed out that among the advantages that Malaysia can offer to attract Chinese investors are its rich natural resources, reasonable land prices, a large market and a conducive environment.

“Malaysia produces oil and gas, palm oil, rubber and electronic parts. These are the raw materials important to Chinese investors. Furthermore, the cost of land in Malaysia is just in the mid-upper range among Asean countries.


Mr Liu: We will convince large Chinese state-owned and private enterprises to invest in the Kuantan Industrial Park.


(Translated and compiled by Hoo Ban Khee based on the June 18 issue of Sin Chew Daily News)

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