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Zhang Xiaoqin: China-Malaysia Qinzhou Joint Investment Co taking up a 30 pct stake in Kuantan Industrial Park

















文章转引自:马来西亚《星洲日报》,2012年6月18日。Kuala Lumpur, April 17: Mr Zhang Xiaoqin, Secretary of the Qinzhou CPC Committee has announced that the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Joint Investment Company is taking up a 30 per cent stake in the Kuantan Industrial Park.

He likened the Qinzhou Industrial Park (QIP) and Kuantan Industrial Park (KIP) to the pair of pandas loaned to Malaysia as they are inseparable twins and they need to be nurtured with support and encouragement the Malaysian and Chinese governments.

Mr Zhang said QIP is a safe haven for investors and he urged Malaysian entrepreneurs not to miss out the excellent opportunity to participate in the project which had been specially designed for Malaysian investors.

He was speaking at the promotion forum of QIP and the soft launch of the forthcoming 9th China-Asean Expo (CAEXPO) in Nanning. He added that QIP was a project jointly developed by the two governments with a highly efficient mechanism to ensure the close co-ordination and co-operation between the two parties.

He also said that QIP was China’s new growth centre in the Beibu Gulf region. “As pointed out by the Executive Chairman of Rimbunan Hijau Tan Sri Sir Tiong Hew King, many Malaysian investors have missed out the opportunities of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone and the Yangtze Delta Economic Zone, they cannot afford to miss out the opportunities presented by QIP now.”

He stressed that China was willing and prepared to offer QIP as a platform to share the immense opportunities arising from the rapid development of the Beibu Gulf region, to facilitate Malaysian investors in China with the best services and with minimum investment risks.

QIP would have comprehensive infrastructure and modern amenities jointly built by the China-Malaysia Joint Investment Company Limited set up between China and Rimbunan  Hijau and S.P. Setia Berhad. The Qinzhou Municipality on its part would provide the air routes, expressways, high-speed railway links, and transformers in the peripheral areas.

He noted that QIP would focus on the manufacturing and packaging industry, electronics and multi-media information service, palm oil products manufacturing, healthcare and Islamic food stuff and biotech. Adjustments will be made whenever necessary after the full consultation between participating parties and according to market demands.

He said Malaysia was the biggest palm oil producer while China was the biggest palm oil importer and thus palm oil processing would be one of QIP’s outstanding industries.

Mr Zhang also noted that Rimbunan Hijau has already teamed up with a prominent university in China to carry out research and development on oil palm products not only to enhance the technology but also to develop new materials from oil palm residues.

He said the Qinzhou Municipality would provide not only tax incentive but also lands with huge discounts for investors. Price of land was being sold at 6.70 ringgit a sq metre. It can be as low as 70 sen a sq metre for strategic industry.

Mr Zhang: QIP is a safe haven for Malaysian investors. It offers the best opportunities for those interested in investing in China.

(Translated and compiled by Hoo Ban Khee based on the June 18 issue of Sin Chew Daily News)

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