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Month: 5月 2012

Five new initiatives to boost capital market

首相拿督斯里纳吉在2012年度投资大马大会上, 宣布5大措施, 以确保我国资金市场继续保持竞争力, 推动国家经济增长。 纳吉说, 目前本地银行的外资持股权为30%, 不排除未来将进一步开放外资在本地银行的持股顶限。 Five new initiatives will be in place to ensure Malaysia’s capital market remains competitive and has what it takes to continue driving the economic and national growth agendas. Among the initiatives are the setting up of a foundation to address growth gaps in the market with specific focus on SME growth, marketplace innovation and development of new and existing talent. The Capital Market Development Fund will be allocating a RM100mil grant to set up the foundation.

慕斯达法:8单位允外资持100%股权 年杪开放服务业17领域

拿督斯里慕斯达法说, 我国开放服务业17个次领域的措施, 将于今年杪全面落实。 其中8个已开放和被允许100%外资持股权的领域包括电讯服务(应用服务提供商准证)、 中等技职教育服务、 为有特殊需要的学生提供的中等技职教育服务、 技能培训服务、 私人医院服务、 百货公司和专业服务、 焚化服务、 会计及税务服务。

PM unveils 21 new projects worth RM20.46 billion


慕克力:大马政治和谐亲商 中国应投资经济转型计划


Salcon mulls expansion through M&As

实康宣佈以4千750万令吉, 收购中国达阔水技术股份有限公司60%股权, 积极进军中国市场, 並通过在中国设立更多的水务及废水处理厂, 放眼成为中国主要水务供应公司。 实康首席营运员黄清瑞表示, 他们希望未来两年里, 透过自然增长和併购, 让公司在中国每天水生产能力达到30亿公升。 Salcon Bhd is looking at mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to grow itself in a bid to fast track its listing plan for its China water and waste water concessions within the next two years. Salcon chief operating officer Ooi Cheng Swee told reporters that the company aimed to have a combined plant capacity of 3,000 million litres per day (MLD) in China and was targeting to achieve this via a combination of organic growth and M&As with existing plant operators who have sizable assets in China.

Best year ever for MSC Malaysia


Government finalising details of Malaysia-China project

首相拿督斯里纳吉说, 政府正深入研究开辟关丹马中产业园区的计划, 并已与中国投资者会面商讨此事。 “再给我们多一点时间针对这项计划拍案定夺, 这项计划一旦付诸实施, 关丹的投资水平肯定比目前来得高。 ”The Government is in the midst of finalising details of the Malaysia-China Kuantan industrial park project to raise the amount of investments in the country, said Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak, adding that the state government had been asked to identify an area of 185ha in Gebeng to jointly develop the project with China.

马中商务理事会 召开第一次董事局会议

董事局主席丹斯里黄家定在致词时提到, 董事局第一次会议的召开, 是马中商务理事会历史性的一刻, 理事会将在往后的日子, 继续秉承创会的宗旨和精神, 协助加强及深化马中两国的双边关系, 尤其注重商贸和经济领域的交流与合作 。Speaking to the board as the new Chairman, Tan Sri Ong said the meeting was historical for the Council which would continue to help strengthen and deepen Malaysia-China bilateral relationship, especially economic and trade cooperation and exchanges in line with the vision and objectives of the council.