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Day: 3月 13, 2013

争取中国认同达致双赢 黄家定赴华谈燕窝出口

Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting is visiting China to seek a win-win solution to the dilemma faced by Malaysian bird's nest exporters as a result of a two year-old import ban imposed by Chinese authorities. He will make representation to Chinese authorities in Beijing to re-assess the criteria used on the import of raw bird's nests and also the permissible level of nitrite in processed bird's nests首相对华特使丹斯里黄家定将赴华,向北京当局表达让原燕(前称毛燕)进口、重新界定净燕亚硝酸盐标准的要求。内阁在2月底委任黄家定协助处理历时两年的大马燕窝被禁出口中国问题 。