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Day: 5月 23, 2012

Salcon mulls expansion through M&As

实康宣佈以4千750万令吉, 收购中国达阔水技术股份有限公司60%股权, 积极进军中国市场, 並通过在中国设立更多的水务及废水处理厂, 放眼成为中国主要水务供应公司。 实康首席营运员黄清瑞表示, 他们希望未来两年里, 透过自然增长和併购, 让公司在中国每天水生产能力达到30亿公升。 Salcon Bhd is looking at mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to grow itself in a bid to fast track its listing plan for its China water and waste water concessions within the next two years. Salcon chief operating officer Ooi Cheng Swee told reporters that the company aimed to have a combined plant capacity of 3,000 million litres per day (MLD) in China and was targeting to achieve this via a combination of organic growth and M&As with existing plant operators who have sizable assets in China.