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50th Anniversary of Malaysia-China Diplomatic Relations

2024 marks the golden jubilee of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and the People’s Republic of China. Today, we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations between our two nations, celebrating our strengthened bilateral ties and embarking on a continued journey of cooperation and friendship.

On May 31, 1974, our Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak led a historic visit to China, where he signed a joint communiqué with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. This momentous event not only formally established diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China but also marked a proud milestone as Malaysia became the first ASEAN nation to do so.

Over the past five decades, Malaysia-China bilateral ties have grown more resilient and dynamic. Through mutual understanding and respect, both nations have overcome obstacles through dialogue and consultations, fostering cooperation that benefits both sides. Looking ahead, with the leaders of both countries committed to building a Malaysia-China community with a shared future, our bilateral relations are poised to create a brighter and more prosperous future for our region and the world in the next 50 years.

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