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Briefing on the Latest Requirements for Visa Application to China 

Malaysia-China Business Council and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia held “Briefing on the Latest Requirements for Visa Application to China”. The purpose of this event was to introduce the procedures and the latest facilitation measures for obtaining Chinese visas to more audience, including non-governmental organizations, business associations, and the public. 

Wang Jie, Head of Consular Division of the China Embassy in Malaysia was the main speaker for the day. In addition to explaining the visa application procedures and details, she patiently addressed the concerns and individual cases of the attendees. Representatives from the Malaysia-China Business Council was its CEO, Mr. Samuel Lee, were present at the event, along with the representative of other organizations such as the Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia, the Small and Medium Enterprises Association Malaysia, and the Malaysia Retail Chain Association. 

Ms. Wang Jie emphasized that the China Embassy warmly welcomes people to China for various purposes, including tourism, business, and family visits. Regarding the current situation of fully booked appointments, she kindly requested the public’s patience and assured that the embassy would announce more facilitation measures soon to streamline the visa application process. 

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