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Courtesy Call by Tianyuan Group 

MCBC received the delegation of Tianyuan Group. The representatives were Len Bo, Director of International Trade Management, and Chen Xue, Vice General Manager of Yibin Tianyuan Materials Industry Group. Ltd. 

The other representatives from MCBC were Dato Dr’ Danny Mah, Vice Chairman of MCBC Trade Promotion & Policy Committee & Mr. Chin Chee Seong, Vice Chairman of MCBC IR4.0 & Technology.  

Tianyuan Group, founded in 1944, is committed to creating an internationally competitive, ultra-large comprehensive modern enterprise group with new materials and new energy industries as its core business. The company’s industries involve chlor-alkali chemicals, titanium chemicals, new materials, new energy, environmental protection industries, R&D and design, supply chain management and other fields. 


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