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MoU Cloud Signing Ceremony at China Construction Bank (Malaysia) Berhad 

THE following is the full text of speech by Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to the People’s Republic of China cum MCBC Chairman Dato Sri Tiong King Sing during MoU Cloud Signing Ceremony at China Construction Bank (Malaysia) Berhad on 17.6.2020. The ancient Silk Road, whose distances once seemed insurmountably vast, is now close at hand due to advanced technologies.   I would like to first thank China Construction Bank (Malaysia) Co. Ltd. for their gracious invitation to me to their online signing ceremony between Proton Holdings Berhad and Acotech in CCB’s “Global Matching House” service.   As befits the 127th Canton Fair’s theme this year, both companies have pioneered the use of online platforms for business matching and collaboration negotiations, effectively taking advantage of various tech platforms. Business models will be to evolve to expand their opportunities and develop to serve more potential customers and partners.   Within the new normal imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises must evolve their traditional business models and way of doing business in order to continue to survive and thrive. This year’s Canton Fair, through digitalisation, Big Data, and cloud-based online exhibition, will not only make it easier for global companies to find suppliers of Chinese-made products but also make it more convenient to access China’s vast markets.   I would like to thank the China Construction Bank for their important role in the online Canton Fair, providing financing services to participating Malaysian and Chinese enterprises, which will go far to connecting the financial markets of both nations.   Although CCB had been operating in Malaysia for just three years, it is the only Chinese-funded bank that counts Malaysia as its regional headquarters. Its total assets in Malaysia exceed RM10 billion. In recent years, it has been given instrumental support for China’s ventures in ports, industrial parks, transportation, and steel production.   The bank also has a role in supporting the chemical and automobile industries by making their supply chain and infrastructure ecosystems possible. I also hope that the CCB will continue to provide the needed support for other commercial enterprises going forward.   Lastly, through this online Canton Fair, I envision Malaysia and China will continue to build upon the “Belt and Road” concept by promoting excellence and strengthening collaboration of all parties by improving communication, facility connectivity, trade liberalisation, financial linkages, and public support. All of which is aimed at deepening cooperation and enhancing the well-being of the peoples of Malaysia and China.   Let’s work together towards mutually beneficial and win-win development for both Malaysia and China.

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