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Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting urges Guangdong investors to push implementation of Malaysia-China Five Year Economic Co-operation Programme

Guangzhou Nov 22: The Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to China Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting has called on entrepreneurs in Guangdong to step up trade and investment co-operation to achieve the target of the Malaysia-China Five-Year Economic Co-operation Programme (2013-2017).

Speaking at the 2013 Malaysia-China (Guangdong) Economic Forum in Guangzhou, Tan Sri Ong who is also the Chairman of the Malaysia-China Business Council, said the five-year plan not only provides the guiding principles in the development of bilateral co-operation, it also sets a clear target of raising bilateral trade to US$160 billion at the end of the plan which is a hefty 60 per cent rise over the current volume of US$100 billion.

“It is not an easy target. However, judging from the trend of our bilateral trade and economic co-operation, it is realistic, far-sighted and mutually beneficial, a target that must be achieved with all our efforts. In this regard, our leaders have both expressed their conviction and resolution as well as their full support in reaching the goal.”

For Malaysian investors, Guangdong has been an important province to do business, he said, adding that Malaysian and Guangdong entrepreneurs have always maintained very close ties over the years.

“It is the hope of Malaysia to see more Guangdong investors to catch up with the latest trend and step up their investments in Malaysia.

“Besides forging a closer trade and economic relationship, there should also be more exchanges of visit and interaction in view of our long-standing sentimental ties,” he stressed.

Tan Sri Ong also noted that since its establishment five years ago, the Malaysia-Guangdong Chamber of Investment Promotion (MGCIP)under the leadership of Dato’ Lim Hock San, Managing Director of the LBS Group, has carried out many meaningful activities. A good example was the current Malaysia-China (Guangdong) Economic Forum which would have far-reaching impact in encouraging and promoting more investments and closer ties.

Dato’ Lim Hock San, who is the Chairman of MGCIP and also of MayCham Guangdong, said in his address that Malaysia-China trade and economic co-operation was becoming more and more important and the two organizations which he leads had been playing an important role in not only promoting investments in both countries but also in providing more opportunities for Malaysian businessmen in Guangdong to forge a closer link. He pledged to put in even better efforts in playing the bridging role.

Guangdong CCPIT Chairman Mr Chen Qiuyan said the presence of Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting and his important address at the two events showed the importance that the Malaysian Government had placed in its trade and economic relationship with Guangdong. He pledged that CCPIT would continue its efforts to help the Malaysian and Chinese business communities and to promote reciprocal investments.

The conference and the forum were attended by more than 120 entrepreneurs from Malaysia and China. The economic forum, held in conjunction with the annual conference, was jointly organized by the Guangdong CCPIT, Malaysia-China Chamber of Investment Promotion and MayCham Guangdong.

SOURCE: Sin Chew Daily, Nov 23, 2013

Translated by Hoo Ban Khee.

IMG_4207 (590x303)
Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting (second from left) engaging in a friendly chat with the VIP guests before the conference. On his right is Dato’ Beh Hang Kong, while on his left are CCPIT Chairman Chen Qiuyan and Dato’ Lim Hock San.
IMG_4322 (590x423)
Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting, in his address, calls on Guangdong entrepreneurs to step up their efforts to help achieve the target set by the Malaysia-China Five-Year Economic Co-operation Programme.
IMG_4215 (590x342)
A group photo before the conference. Fourth from the left in the front row are Dato’ Beh Hang Kong, Mr Chen Qiuyan, Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting and Dato’ Lim Hock San.

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