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Courtesy Call by Xiangyang Economic & Trade Delegation and MoU Signing Ceremony 

Dato’ Beh Hang Kong, MCBC Director received the delegation by the Xiangyang Economic and Trade Delegation at the MCBC office. The leader of the delegation was Lv Yibin, Director of Standing Committee of Xiangyang Municipal Committee. 

Mr. Lv had introduced the background and current trade and investment condition of Xiangyang. Meanwhile, the meeting had a fruitful discussion related to aircraft seat equipment, automotive battery, and bird nest’s importation to China. 

Besides, the Management Committee of Xiangyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone had signed a MoU with Winliner Limited. Dato Beh and the management of MCBC were invited to witness the signing ceremony. 

The other representatives from Xiangyang were Mr. Lei Jun, Secretary-General of Standing Committee of Xiangyang Municipal Committee, Mr. Su Hao, Director of Xiangyang Longzhong Scenic Area Management Committee, Mr. Qin Cao, Vice Chairman of the Management Committee of Xiangyang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Wang Jianjun, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Xiangyang Government, as well as corporate representatives from Xiangyang. 

The other representative from MCBC were Samuel Lee, CEO of MCBC, Georgie Too, COO of MCBC, Dato Dr. Danny Mah, Vice Chairman of MCBC Trade Promotion and Policy Committee, Mr. Chin Chee Seong, Vice Chairman of IR4.0 and Technology Committee and Member of MCBC to CCPIT Committee.

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