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Meeting of Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting and Mr Wei Chaoan, Guangxi Vice Party Secretary

China·Qinzhou    6 March 2012    Source: Qinzhou Daily

reported by Lu Chonglin, Wang Hulu

Meeting of Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting and Mr Wei Chaoan, Guangxi Vice Party Secretary

(Photograph by Xie Yongyun)

On March 4, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Vice Party Secretary Mr Wei Chaoan met with Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting, the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to China and Chairman of the Malaysia-China Business Council, who was leading a Malaysian delegation to Qinzhou City in the Guangxi Province.

While extending his warm welcome to Tan Sri Ong and his delegation, Mr Wei said he was particularly grateful to MCBC for its contribution in forging close economic cooperation between Guangxi and Malaysia. He stressed that Guangxi is in the neighbourhood of the Asean nations and enjoys unique advantages in terms of geographical position, resources, natural environment and preferential policy. He said in recent years, Guangxi has achieved rapid socio-economic development because it was able to ride on the mega development trend and take advantage of the unique position and natural endowments.

Mr Wei said Malaysia is Guangxi’s fourth largest trade partner and biggest investor in Guangxi among Asean countries. He said the Qinzhou Industrial Park is the first joint-venture development project between China and Malaysia and it is China’s third joint-venture with a foreign country after the Suzhou Industrial Park and Tianjin Eco-City with Singapore. The Qinzhou Industrial Park will serve as an exemplary project to spearhead economic cooperation between Guangxi and Asean nations.

Tan Sri Ong thanked the Guangxi Regional Party Committee and the provincial government for their hospitality. He also thanked the Guangxi provincial government in giving Qinzhou Industrial Park all the preferential treatments.

He recalled the official visit to Malaysia by Mr Zhang Xiaoqin, the party secretary of Qinzhou Municipality and a delegate to the National People’s Congress, and his delegation in late February. During the visit, Mr Zhang had very frank and cordial discussions with participating companies of the Qinzhou Industrial Park. They had reached mutual understanding on the effective implementation of several development projects.

At the meeting Mr Zhang provided detail answers based on the model of development and the framework of cooperation in response to enquiries on the Qinzhou Industrial Park raised by Malaysian entrepreneurs. A MoU of cooperation was signed between Qinzhou Municipality and Qinzhou Development (Malaysia) Consortium Sdn. Bhd.

Tan Sri Ong highlighted the rapid development of Quangxi and its strategic position. He said Qinzhou Industrial Park has a very bright future and what makes it even more significant is that it is being developed on a joint venture basis. He stressed that the Malaysian government has full confidence that such cooperation will lead to a win-win situation and ultimately, will help to further enhance the close relationship between the two countries.

He pledged that the MCBC will continue to play its pivotal role in helping more Malaysian entrepreneurs to understand Guangxi and to invest in Guangxi. He hoped that the provincial government would continue to provide better preferential treatments to Malaysian entrepreneurs.   He said the visit by Rimbunan Hijau Group Executive Chairman Tan Sri Sir Tiong Hiew King and his top managers as well as top Malaysian entrepreneurs is to gain a better understanding of the Qinzhou Industrial Park in order to pave the way for an accelerated and more efficient implementation of the various projects.

Those at the meeting included the party secretary of Qinzhou Municipality Zhang Xiaoqin, the Mayor Xiao Yingzi, Vice Secretary Tang Xianjin, Vice Mayor Li Xing, and Secretary-general of the City Mr Lu Ming.

SOURCE: Qinzhou Goverment Official Website (

Translated by Hoo Ban Khee

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