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New appointments to Board of Directors for the Malaysia-China Business Council : Pledges to set new heights for Malaysia-China business cooperation

The Malaysia-China Business Council (MCBC) today announced its new appointments to the Board of Directors. The Board is chaired by the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to the People’s Republic of China Dato’ Seri Tiong King Sing, while Datuk Yong Teck Shing leads as the executive director of the Council. The new line-up comprises a formidable list of professionals and industry captains in various fields. With the combined efforts of the new directors, the MCBC would do well in uniting many forces to reshape and strengthen the economic and trade cooperation that is already well established before Malaysia and China, to actively develop the One Belt One Road trade vision, build regional connectivity, and further expand bilateral trade and investment exchanges.
The latest Board held its inaugural meeting yesterday to resolve several important issues.

After assuming the chairmanship, Dato’ Seri Tiong immediately discussed the amendments to the constitution of the council, in order to facilitate the board to perform its functions more effectively with directors able to serve actively during their terms. The new list of directors had considered the qualifications, abilities, experience among other attributes of the members present. The chairman hoped that their dedication would result in the council being regarded as a high-performing council.

Additionally, in order to allow the directors clearer and more direct implementation of the council’s policies, the meeting had decided to establish 14 sub-committees, each led by a director.

The heads of these 14 sub-committees are empowered to appoint the committee members as they see fit. These committee members must discharge their responsibilities to the best of their abilities within a certain period of time to benefit the various sectors of the country.

The committees cover the fields of Education, Malaysia-China Bilateral (Government/Diplomacy) Policy, Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Trade Promotion and Policy, Business Investment, Construction and Development, Agriculture and Plantation Industries, Culture and Tourism, MCBC-CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Guangdong-Hong Kong Greater Bay Area Development Planning, IR 4.0 and Technology, Investor Relations and Strategic Partnership, Malaysia-China Legal Affairs Committee and Visa and Business Advisory.

Dato Seri Tiong emphasised that the appointed directors and their respective sub-committees must work on the operation of MCBC with the goal of building a business-friendly environment for the people, and refrain from the unhealthy practice of seeking personal gain.

The MCBC was established in 2002 to promote bilateral cooperation between Malaysia and China to provide accurate information to the entrepreneurs of both nations for them to take advantage of market opportunities, and benefit the business and investment communities of both countries. Dato’ Seri Tiong hopes that through the council, the economic competitiveness of Sarawak and Sabah states will be enhanced and the commercial ties between Malaysia Borneo and China will be promoted.

After the appointments of the new directors who come with broad representation from various expertise and sectors, are expected to bring forth new breakthroughs in council matters. With the new MCBC Board, the current priority now is to expand the influence of the council, create more opportunities for business growth between Malaysia and China, stimulate both countries’ trade, and accelerate Malaysia’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

The following is the list of the Board of Directors of the Malaysia-China Business Council:

Chairman : Dato Sri Tiong King Sing, J.P.

Executive Director : Datuk Yong Teck Shing, J.P.
(Education Committee)


Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Goh Tian Chuan, J.P.: Governmental / Diplomacy Policy Committee

Tan Sri Datuk Seri Tan Kean Soon, J.P.: Construction & Development Committee

Datuk Seri Lau Kuan Kam: Agriculture & Plantation Industries Committee

Dato’ Dr. Low Moi Ing, J.P.: Business Investment Committee

Dato’ Beh Hang Kong: MCBC to China Council For The Promotion of International Trade {CCPIT)

Dato’ Ir. Fong Tian Yong: IR 4.0 & Technology Committee

Dato’ Fam Lee Ee: Legal Affairs Committee

Datuk Lee Say Tshin: Investor Relations & Strategic Partnership Committee

Datuk Yong Chiew Lip: Cultural & Tourism Committee

Datuk Dr. Wong Aik Loung: Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) Committee

Datuk Pui Kian Onn: Trade Promotion & Policy Committee

Dato’ Chuah Lim Leng: Greater Bay Area Initiative Committee

Datuk Tee Guan Pian: Visa & Business Advisory Committee

Chief Executive Officer: Lee Thai Hung

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