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Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting meets Guangxi Vice Governor Lan Tianli

In order to spur the speedy implementation of the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park, a joint development project identified and promoted by the top leaders of Malaysia and China, the Vice Governor of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Mr Lan Tianli led a delegation to Malaysia for discussion.

During the visit, Mr Lan and his delegation toured the Kuantan Industrial Park (KIP) and Kuantan Port area and had discussions to explore the possibility of using KIP to spearhead integrated development with the Kuantan Port and new townships.

A working session was held in Kuala Lumpur on July 30 between Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting, Chairman of the Malaysia-China Business Council, and Mr Lan and their delegations. The meeting covered the setting up of the proposed joint management and coordination organisation, joint investment corporation, the management and operation model as well as preferential policies to be accorded to KIP and its investors. It also covered the overall planning of KIP, its legal status and other relevant matters.

Following discussion on issues relating to preferential land prices, tax incentives and market access, it was agreed that presentation be made to the Malaysian government so that KIP and its investors should be given the best preferential treatments in these areas.

It was also agreed on several important activities to promote KIP in order to speed up its development. Among them are a high-level promotion campaign to be held on Aug 8 this year in Beijing to introduce QIP and KIP to major corporations, including the world’s top 500 and also a promotion of KIP at the ninth China-Asean Expo in Nanning on September 21 especially targeted at well-established investors in China as well as from the Asean region.

Malaysian top executives who attended the meeting included Dato’ Jebasingam Issac John, Chief Executive Officer, East Coast Economic Region Development Council (ECERDC), Dato’ Hajjah Mahadiah binte Haji Mohamad, Pahang Deputy State Secretary and Director of the State Economic Planning Unit, Mr Wong Seng Foo, Senior Director of the Economic and Trade Relations Division, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and senior representatives of Malaysian enterprises.

Besides Mr Lan, the Chinese side was represented by Mr Wei Ran, Deputy Secretary-General, Guangxi People’s Government, Mr Liu Shusen, Director-General, Guangxi Department of Commerce and other top government officials and entrepreneurs who formed the 30-member strong Chinese delegation.

At the meeting, both parties also re-affirmed their determination to actively pursue the development of KIP. Tan Sri Ong reiterated the serious attention given by Malaysian national leaders to the joint-venture project, stressing that the development of the Qinzhou and Kuantan industrial parks not only deepens and broadens bilateral economic co-operation and expands business opportunities, it is also a strong testament to the strategic partnership between Malaysia and China. And thus, he said, there must be close co-operation to ensure the smooth implementation and the success of these projects.

Mr Lan who is tasked by the Guangxi government to oversee the Qinzhou and Kuantan projects, said at the conclusion of the tour that the Qinzhou joint-venture project was unique as it was for the first time proposed by the Chinese top leaders as a joint-venture industrial park with a foreign country and was jointly launched by the prime ministers of the two countries and now the concept has grown with the establishment of KIP as a sister project.

He said the officials and entrepreneurs of Guangxi and Qinzhou were proud of their involvement in the two projects and they would do their utmost to complete the task entrusted to them to ensure their success.

  MEETING IN PROGRESS:  From the left are Wei Ran, Lan Tianli and Liu Shusen on the Chinese side while on the right are Dato’ Hajjah Mahadiah, Tan Sri Ong and Dato’ Jebasingam on the Malaysian side.

ADDRESSING THE MEETING: Tan Sri Ong (centre) addresses the meeting. He is flanked by Dato’ Jebasingam on his right and Dato’ Hajjah Mahadiah on his left.

RAISING A POINT: Lan Tianli (centre) raises a point. He is flanked by Wei Ran on his right and Liu Shusen on his left.

A GIFT: Lan Tianli (left) presenting a gift to Tan Sri Ong.

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