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Tan Sri Ong: Sharing prosperity via “Industrial Park diplomacy”

BEIJING: Malaysian Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to China and Chairman of the Malaysia-China Business Council Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting has likened the establishment of the twin industrial parks in China and Malaysia with the full support of the national leaders of the two countries to what he called the “industrial park diplomacy”.

He pointed out that the new diplomatic initiative was based on the mutual trust and supportive policies of the two countries in harnessing the synergies in corporate excellence, financial resources, business experiences and geographical advantages of China and Malaysia.

The “industrial park diplomacy” which has seen the establishment of the “sister parks”, is to lay the solid foundation of an ever-lasting friendship for a full-fledged relationship development, he said, adding that they are the best testament of the sincere friendship of the two countries and a shining model of sustainable cooperation in sharing economic cooperation and prosperity.

Tan Sri Ong was speaking at the promotion ceremony on China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on August 8.

He also appealed to Chinese enterprises to take a serious look in the investment opportunities of the Kuantan Industrial Park and use it as their launching pad to spread their wings in Malaysia.

The Qinzhou CPC Secretary Mr. Zhang Xiaoqin gave an introduction of the development of the Qinzhou Industrial Park, noting that the GDP growth of Qinzhou was over 20 per cent, making its growth the fastest in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is one of the top 15 cities in China with the fastest improvement in competitiveness and the overall best in investment environment in Guangxi.

He stressed that participating enterprises would be able to share development revenue as for the first 10 years, the local tax would be ploughed back for the development of the park. In addition, they also enjoy the most preferential land prices, tax incentives and other preferential treatments.

The six designated industries for the Qinzhou park are manufacturing and packaging, electronic and digital information, food processing, materials, biotech and modern services, all of which will enjoy special policy support.

The CEO of the East Coast Economic Region Development Council Dato’ Jebasingam Issace John also gave an introduction of the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park at the promotion ceremony.

He said the Kuantan Industrial Park under ECER with a total size of 1500 acres had been offered by the Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak as a sister park to the Qinzhou Industrial Park.

He noted that top government leaders of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region had recently been visiting the park and had offered their inputs on the development and planning of the project for its speedy implementation.

The China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park was jointly launched by the Prime Ministers of China and Malaysia on April 1 this year, making it the first government-to-government joint venture industrial park.

Within months, government leaders of the two countries also signed the Agreement of Co-operation for the establishment of the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park. The establishment of the two sister parks has been a shining example and the best testament of the bilateral friendship between Malaysia and China.

The promotion campaign in Beijing followed a similar promotion in Kuala Lumpur on June 17. This was the first major promotion to officially introduce Qinzhou Industrial Park to major Chinese enterprises.

The campaign was jointly organized by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the Malaysian International Trade and Industry, the government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Malaysia-China Business Council.

It was aimed at raising the public awareness of Qinzhou Industrial Park, introducing its planning and development and the various preferential treatments in order to woo investors to participate in its development.

The grand ceremony was attended by more than 800 participants, including national leaders of China, Chinese and Malaysian ministerial officials and representatives, top officials of the banking and financial institutions of China, Chinese and Malaysian entrepreneurs, related guilds and associations, media as well as representatives of the world’s top 500 enterprises.

The ceremony was presided by Mr. Ma Biao, Governor of the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Prominent speakers included Mr. Sang Guowei, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress of China, Mr. Bai Lichen, Vice Chairman of CPPCC, Mr. Guo Shengkun, Party Secretary of CPC Guangxi Committee, and Mr. Wang Chao, Deputy Minister of Commerce of China.

Wooing investors: Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting addressing the audience at the promotion ceremony of the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

For the Album: Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting (fourth from left) with other prominent leaders at the promotion ceremony. The others are (from the left): Mr. Lan Tianli, Mr. Wang Chao, Mr. Ma Biao, Mr. Guo Shengkun, Dato’ Jebasingam Issace, Mr. Zhang Xiaoqin and Mr. Liu Shusen.

In good partnership: Tan Sri Ong ka Ting (centre), flanked by Chinese Deputy Minister of Commerce Mr. Wang Chao on his right and Vice Governor of the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Mr. Lan Tianli. They are joint Chairmen of the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park Joint Steering Committee.

Translated  and compiled by Hoo Ban Khee.

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